$SXA Token
A guide to understand the tokenomics and how $SXA brings value to its holders.
$SXA is an SPL Token built on Solana Blockchain.


Total supply - 66,660,000 $SXA
  • Staking Rewards
    • 70% of the total supply will be held for staking rewards and distributed over 3 years.
    • 35% of that will be distributed in the first year, giving early adopters a better opportunity to earn more rewards in the first year.
    • The remaining 35% of the reward supply will be distributed from the second year and beyond, with distribution on gradative regression basis on the % of remaining tokens rewarded to holders.
  • Liquidity Pool
    • 10% of the supply is allocated for the liquidity pool and will increase the trading value once we deploy the liquidity on DEX simultaneously with the GEN2 Launch.
  • Team
    • 10% of the supply will be held by the team. This will be distributed gradually after a 12 months cliff and fully distributed over a further 12 months period.
  • Marketing
    • 10% of the supply will be held for marketing acts and giveaways.


$SXA will be core to the entire SXA/SXL Eco-system - anything and everything we can execute and connect to, will be attributed to $SXA Token.
  1. 1.
    Utilisation in SXA DAO where users will have access to exclusive WL, Entry in poker nights, and multiple giveaways.
  2. 2.
    Using $SXA to enter raffles and auctions.
  3. 3.
    Using $SXA for breeding or we like to call it Galactic Missions.
  4. 4.
    $SXA will also be key currency in our evolution Metaverse.
  5. 5.
    Discounted prices for those offering payment on some core services on SXL (Space X Labs) using $SXA.
SXA DAO with the support of the core team will constantly evolve and seek new opportunities to make $SXA useable on other Solana-based interfaces. Some examples, but not limited to: Using it on upcoming Marketplaces to purchase NFTs, Trading it as a currency on Metaverse and web3 Casinos. Using it in Metaverse stores to participate and purchase assets.
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