Galactic Ape - Rewards
As part of our constant effort to maximize rewards for the long-term holders, there is an exclusive reward pool for the whales.

SXA - IDO Pool

SXA will be launching an exclusive IDO Pool where $100,000 from the 3D Mint proceeds will be staked on some of the major IDO Launchpads in order to have guaranteed investment opportunities for the upcoming crypto / NFT projects.
Each month the IDO Pool will participate in around 10-15 projects. Verified holders who staked the Apes for at least 30 day period will qualify to share the monthly distribution based on their combined holding of Gen 1 and Gen 2 collection.
Monthly investments will be accumulated via 20% royalty share from Gen 1 & Gen2 exclusive to Galactic IDO Pool, making it a self-sustainable investment pool.
The IDO Pool will start investing with $20,000 which will be committed by the team in the first month right after the Gen2 launch.
As an example:
SXA IDO Pool $20,000 investment booked in a month Project Avg ATH 2-5X Total Valuation $40k - $100K Projects vesting rule 25%/Month. Monthly collection $10K - $25K 80% x $10K - $25K distributed amongst Galactic holders. 20% will go to the creators to enable them to explore and push on new concepts and added further utilities.
What is an IDO?
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  • Qualification Rule:
    • Must hold both Gen1 Protector Role(10+) + Gen 2 Keepers Role(5+)
    • Must have delisted and staked them for the full 30 day period prior to claim
    • Galactic Apes will also automatically qualify to share other benefits as Stellar Apes & Lunar Apes
Galactic APE - Reward Pool
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