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All in one NFT Launchpad service - To empower Artists and Project leaders with powerful tools to enable them to focus on building communities whilst our team deals with the techy stuff.
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How can SXL help you in your upcoming NFT project?

  • APE Analysis
    • Free of cost compound 1 feedback for your current project from our core team with analytical data and assessment to help both parties understand the current standing and future goals.
  • Advisory
    • No strings attached - Direct and proven process flow to help you progress onto different stages of your project cycle.
    • Marketing - Social media Influencers with a proven track record and with real and active NFT community engagements.
    • Discord - A review of your current server and providing tips and tools to help you organize and set the foundations of your server at the highest standards.
    • Collaborations - A dedicated collab manager for your server to get your project more cross-community interaction and more visibility through regular collabs with existing NFT projects.
  • Advertisement
    • Probably one of the most underestimated and overlooked areas by most projects. It's vital to understand one thing, that is 'Marketing is King'. Speaking to various project owners since last year this has been the most commonly raised concern for most. Our team has therefore created a must-do checklist when it comes to marketing.
    • We advise, and you choose. Simple and proven marketing formula that is guaranteed to get more visibility and new investors to your door.
  • Utilities
    • Want to take your project above and beyond than just a cool looking artwork? well....Get in touch!!
    • After going through our on-boarding process, our team will facilitate all the tech needed with known partner brands to help you set up 'Must Have Utilities' for your project and bring value to the community from the get-go. These can include: Staking, Tokenomics, Breeding, Online casino, Auctions, Raffles, and more.
  • Customized Minting DApp
    • With our experienced team of in-house Devs, we provide a custom hands-on approach to facilitate the minting process on a project-by-project basis.
Don't just take our word for it. Come and talk to the team to see how we can add value to your project and turn your vision into reality.
SXL official launch will be together with the GEN 2 launch of our 3D Apes.
Space X Labs
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