Evolving and acknowledging new innovation is key to SXA core foundation

Metaland - APE Kingdom

Our community is already aware that we have been working closely with SOLICE network and have been keeping tabs on the progression.
As part of their first land sale, we have already acquired; 1x1 = [142,91] 3x3 = [91,89] These are currently held in the community's DAO wallet.
The Metaverse element of our project is going to be a different beast in comparison to SXL. Remember what we said: WE WILL EVEOLVE Yes Solice will definitely be where we start our Metaverse Journey. But we will not limit ourselves to one station.
We have to understand the development mechanics that comes with each Metaland project is different and our team with the help of our community is therefore always exploring new and exciting opportunities.
Our Meta Universe will reside in Solana eco system. However we will keep investing in upcoming potential projects where our Devs see better utility from the development perspective. Each land that will be held in SXA Eco system will belong to the community, and therefore the holders will benefit directly from all the revenue generated from these lands forever as long as they maintain the holder's role.
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