Space X Yoda is the first official collection minted using SXL

Space X Yoda (SXY)

As part of our continuous effort to progress through various stages of finalizing technical elements of Space X Labs, the team with the support of the community decided to do a BETA launch before SXL officially goes live for the public.
As such SXY came to live as a mini collection of 1000 Yodas who now reside under SXA space station.
The collection was officially sold out in under 20 Min.
Now available on Magic Eden's marketplace, Space X Yodas is not only a collection of awesome Star Wars art but also has metaverse utility. It will act as a key for a secret space in our Metaverse and also a very important requirement to qualify for a revenue share from our Metaverse land. In order to get a share, you must be holding 1 SXY + 1 x Gen1 + 1 x Gen2, but obviously the more you hold the more rewards you get. So that should tell you how important Space X Yodas are to our ecosystem.
Holding SXY also allows holders exclusive access to SXA/SXY DAO. And depending on the holding they can also participate in exclusive Whitelists for other upcoming projects whilst also sharing profits through NFT portfolio holdings in the DAO.
Further details are also available through our Discord server.
Space X Yoda
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