Ape Lesson
Definition of an Eco system :
A complex network or interconnected system
Why is that important? For sustainability in any project, it's pivotal to follow a set strategy that should consider some vital factors, such as;
Sustainable Business Model Innovation
Stakeholders Management
Economic & Competitive Advantage
Whilst we all have our DeGen hats on, I am not going to lie, any successful model that exists today is purely dependent on the strength of its numeric strategy. NUMBERS always matter.
At SXA we understand the importance of these foundations and therefore you see the introduction of our Tier-based reward system. This allows the project to fly with a sustainable speed and inject the needed fuel at set intervals to keep the flight sustained for infinity & beyond🚀
Our vision and activities are not based on hype, as we are simply hard-working entrepreneurs putting in shifts day/night in order to add true utilities to SXA brand and grow our community organically. We are constantly evolving and growing our team to add more muscle and brains. We believe that dedicated effort with consistency is the winning formula, which we have been brewing in our lab. It's just a matter of time for everyone to see its compound effect.
Finally, thank you so much for taking the time to read through our WHITEPAPER. The team and community would love to welcome you and be part of SXA family.
Just come and say hello to us in our Discord.
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